The only insurance that can save your life! The most prestigious and wide medical insurance policy in the Russian market, that enable your employees to receive medical treatments in the best medical facilities in the world at the cost of a reasonable insurance premium.

For non-smoking citizens of Germany medical insurance costs up to 40% cheaper than for smoking ones since they spend less for their health care.

In the UK, there exists an insurance against multiple pregnancy. Cash compensation is paid if a young family suddenly finds out about the upcoming birth of twins.

The first ever policy on property insurance was issued in Barcelona back in 1347. A life insurance policy was registered for the first time in 1583 in England.

Our advantages:

Professional understanding of all aspects of medical insurance: underwriting, insurance risks, cost containment, organization of medical care, personal service.

Ability of operative solutions concerning the organization of medical care at any time anywhere in Russia and abroad.

Innovative technologies of cashless payments for medical services and instant transfer of insurance payments.

Wide network of clinics and medical institutions of direct access on the Russian territory, CIS, Europe, Israel.

Best medical specialists, medical insurance professionals, lawyers, service centers are working for you.

About ManagedCare Russia

Ten years ago ManagedCare Russia was one of the first companies which devised absolutely new methods of health care management based on international standards.

The Company has been broadening its boarders of management in the scope of health care since its establishment. Today MangedCare Russia is a member of group of Ritmor companies and includes several subsidiary companies which provide a variety of development services and medical information, consultations, client's support and the services of medical care in Russia and abroad.

Many companies declare flexibility, safety and professionalism as their main qualities. However it doesnt mean that these promises are true. ManagedCare Russia lays claim on “flexibility, safety and professionalism”, these demands are a philosophy of the Company. And We do our best under complicated but distinct conditions on the Russian market.

Since the establishment of the company our main aim are high-quality service and complete safety. All these promoted ManagedCare to be a leader on the Russian market of TPA services.

Anyway, the success imposes an obligation and it is reflected in our philosophy. In our development program there are directions which allow us to offer our partners and clients effective conceptions and solutions opening new possibilities.

Our projects:

Today MCR together with the partners (insurance companies) develops and offers exclusive support of several unique products, innovative for Russian insurance market, as follows:

International Medical Insurance
Insurance policies for treatment abroad by MADANES Group

For more information see there


Innovative solution for the people who travel abroad a lot as well as for expats who work and live on the Russian territory. The card allows making instant cashless payments for medical services all around the world together with complex clients support of international specialists team. For details see

Global Medical Solutions

International health insurance with broadened coverage including planned medical treatment abroad. Global Medical Solutions is an innovative product at Russian insurance market. It offers full insurance coverage in case of diseases which demand planned surgical treatment on the basis of Israeli hospitals and all over the world. The insurance program offers several service packages on treatment organization including visas, ticket and hotel order, transportation from the airport to the hospital and backwards in accordance with the chosen insurance plan, full support during the treatment and coordination of the process until the client gets back home.

Wide experience of our Company in the field of medical planning and administration maximally answers clients` up-to-date requirements and allows to build up an individual concept of lean and high effective Medical Management. MCR is specialized on creating and administrating of multi profile medical units and providing medical assistance services for ten years. Our company has rich experience of medical care organization in Russia and all over the world.

MCR bands a team of professionals, which covers wide range of insurance and related areas, including organization of medical care, settlement of losses, underwriting, management of risks, PR and marketing to provide expert knowledge and quality in all the aspects of medical insurance and assistance.

MCR works toward the best, investing in new technologies for quality maintenance, effectiveness and competiveness of our services on the world-wide medical insurance market.

MCR team created a wide net of direct access medical providers in Moscow and other Russian cities (such as Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara and etc.), in the CIS states, Europe and Israel. MCR works together with leading hospitals all over the world, therefore giving to its clients the possibility to undergo medical treatment abroad.

The list of countries includes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain.