Medical service in Russia and abroad.

MCR is a point of contact for patients, insured persons, medical stuff and insurance companiesí workers.

First of all MCR aims is to provide its clients with secure and professional service of organization of medical health and associated non-medical services as well as qualitative support.

Our organizational and informational services as well as clients support are carried out by highly skilled medical specialists and administrative stuff. Clients support is available in Russian, English, Spanish Hebrew and other languages.

Besides standard services, ManagedCare Russia combines plenty of specialized services which include the whole range of medical information, clients support and informing. All these promote the uniqueness of the Companyís activity on the Russian market. For instance, we provide full medical information about a patient and cooperate with medical specialists within the scope of medical/ insured event by common means — by mail, phone, fax or electronically through the Internet. These allow us broadening the territory where medical service can be rendered.

Our thoroughly matched highly skilled team together with experienced doctors-specialists is always ready to help our insured! We are now working on the introduction of online request form on our website.

The essential elements of full-fledged, efficient and qualitative medical service provided by managedcare russia are:

  • Multi-language call-center, available 24/7
    • Organization and coordination of medical care

      Wide network of in- and out-patient medical providers let MCR make optimal matching of medical institution in every specific case for medical support both in a clinic and at home.

    • Guaranties of payments for medical service

      If hospitalization is necessary, MCR can confirm reimbursement of medical costs on behalf of insurance company by sending a letter of guarantee to medical institution and after that reimburse medical costs in full, collect whole medical data and translate into insurerís language.

    • Personal clientsí support

      (appointment card to treatment, matching of medical institution or specialist, coordination of medical support, management of the case from making the appointment up to coordination of hospitalization both in Russia and abroad).

  • Quality control and processing of complaints
    • Pre-certification

      and assessment of planned in- and out-patient medical services, determination of medical reasonableness of medical service rendered on the basis of nationally recognized criteria and medical conclusion.

ManagedCare Russia also serves organization of medical care rendered including transport and infological services.

As follows:

  • Care for the Insured abroad;
  • Planning and monitoring of medical transportation of patients all over Russia and abroad;
  • Organization of in- and out-patient services;
  • Special rehabilitation healthcare programs;
  • Organization of providersí regional network;
  • Emergency call, organization of dental service, urgent tests;
  • Organization of short- and long-term treatment;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for departure from the territory of the Russian Federation for medical care.

Adaptation to emergency, flexibility in stuff recruitment, guaranteed safety and precision in services rendered, professional and friendly service — ManagedCare Russia possesses all these qualities.

International services for VMI (voluntary medical insurance) clients

For those who insured in VMI system ManagedCare Russia offers a wide range of services.

The list of facilities available for those whoíve made a contract of voluntary medical insurance includes, for instance, consultations abroad in case of illness. We offer our experience and know-how in searching for an appropriate solution. We are also able to find out to what extend the additional payments for certain types of services are reasonable. Regardless of the place of purchasing the policy, you always can enjoy our special prices for medical services as well as bonuses given for the organization of a return trip.

Services abroad

The Department of International Services lends assistance and support for Insured who are abroad and those who are leaving abroad.

In modern active society we should always think, act and render medical aid in a global scale.

MCR Company has rich experience in organization, assessment and management of insurance events abroad. You can take advantage of our experience in international medical management in order to optimize quality, price and your profit of it. If you need to find out anything about operations, some medical services or rehabilitation you can always call to our multi-language call center and ask any question regarding time-frame of the service, its quality and price.

The specialists from the Department of International Services in MCR Company has a database which contain full information on the infrastructure and health care system of all countries, clinics and doctors. Our broad and unique service is used by tourist companies and foreign insurance companies as well as by many embassies all over the world.

The range of our services includes:

  • Organization of dialogue and cooperation with the attending doctors in the language of host country;
  • Translation service in communication between a doctor and a patient and members of patientís family;
  • Providing the information of transfer;
  • Accompaniment by emergency doctors and medical assistants;
  • Organization of surface and air medical and non-medical transportation;
  • Keeping of documents;
  • Coordination of the process of organization and delivery of health care;
  • Analysis and assessment of medical event on the basis of medical conditions and the criteria of delivery of medical health.

The Department of International Services can also expertize the invoices submitted by foreign medical institution in order to check their validity and legitimation.

Patients from other countries

Patients from other countries are welcome to use the services of ManagedCare Russia.

Our companyís strength is in the detailed understanding of health care system in Russia on the one hand and a unique system of support for our clients all over the world on the other. All this makes ManagedCare Russia the optimal choice for foreign clients, especially for those who travel abroad a lot and for those who want to enjoy high-quality medical service.

No matter if youíd like to choose a doctor or a clinic according to price-quality relationship or to solve logistic issues — e.g. to specify the way of transportation or necessary help for patient or his/her family in their native language — We can help!

Patients from abroad can use one of the following services:

  • Help in choosing the most suitable clinic and a type of treatment;
  • Assessment of diagnosis and the reasonableness of suggested treatment (on demand);
  • Medical staff assistance during the flight;
  • Coordination of all transportation and transfer services, including VIP-level;
  • Reservation of hotel and tickets through travel agency;
  • Interpreterís service, full clientís assistance and assistance for clientís family members (on demand).

These are only several examples for the wide range of services we can offer. All of the services can be requested optionally in order to fit with clientís demands for the best advantage.

The professional experience helped us to develop some key stimulus which allowed us to make clients services better and economic effectiveness higher.

  • Innovative technologies of cashless payments for medical services in the network of clinics of MCR direct access;
  • Medical facilities for expats without price markup (up to 20% of saving in contrast with standard used overrated prices of medical services for expats;
  • Guarantied discounts for medical providersí services in the network of MCR;
  • Exclusive fixed tariffs for certain medical treatments;
  • Special attention to pregnant and postnatal patients as well as to children;
  • Flexible system of payments: casual (individual); percent from saved means; membership;
  • Rich experience in organization of medical care all over the world.

Clients advantages

  • For the utmost simplicity and clarity of matching of medical services the full price list of every medical institution in the network of MCR direct access was coded according to the system “common coverage/ advance approval/ exception”. Thereby preliminary certification becomes more transparent for medical and administrative personnel of clinic: there is no need in additional approvals and as a result additional time of waiting for patients.
  • Our algorithms of validity control of invoices, registry services rendered and their relevance to medical indications and national standards of medical care allow us to cut an amount of the invoice per 10-15%.
  • Our clients are taking an advantage to address to the best practitioners in every narrow medical field thanks to long-term relations with the leading medical providers from Russia and all over the world. These specialists are available for our clients both for routine examinations and extraordinary cases or if Second Opinion is necessary.