Question: How can I make use of ManagedCare Russia services?

Reply: If you are a client of any Insurance company cooperating with ManagedCare Russia and you need medical services on the territory of the Russian Federation or CIS, please contact us at the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section. Well be happy to help you to get qualified and timely medical services according to your wishes.

Question: Where and how should I apply for reimbursement?

Reply: Your insurance policy should contain the coordinates of your insurance company. On all matters of compensation you can apply directly to the insurance company. If you do not find these contacts, please contact us: we'll show you the information you need.

Question: Will the money spent on phone calls with customer service be reimbursed?

Reply: Insurance companies cooperating with ManagedCare Russia, provide their clients with direct phone numbers of customer service. Calls to these numbers are free from anywhere in the world. These numbers should be specified in your policy.

Question: What should I do if I do not know what clinic address?

Reply: You can contact the numbers listed in the Contacts section. We will help you to choose the medical institution according to the profile of your disease.